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      Thai food is one of the most popular Asian foods in many countries around the world. Well known dishes such as TOM YUM, PAD KRAPRAOW and PAD THAI have fascinated people all over the world. Although generally know as hot and spicy, Thai cuisine is actually a harmonious blend of the spicy, the subtle, the sweet and sour, and is meant to be equally satisfying to eye, nose and palate.

      Thai food is known for its enthusiastic use of fresh (rather than dried) herbs and spices as well as fish sauce. The complexity of the taste and the rarity of the ingredient make it impossible to make Thai food at home.

      But Thai have a way around that… it comes in form of pastes that are made from fresh ingredients. Our paste allows anyone to be able to cook authentic Thai food anywhere.

      With years of research, product development Asian Supreme Food Co., Ltd. has been producing quality products according to our motto “Good Quality, Great Taste, Variety and Fair Price”. We have been exporting Paste, Sauce and also the Preserved Agricultural food from Thailand for 10 years and have earned the trust of our customers worldwide.

      Can't find a specific product in the market? Apart from products in our product list, our experience in product development allows us to develop and produce the product according to your requirement. Our Research and Development Department will find a way to create a product that suits your taste and quality requirements.