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Asian Supreme Food Co., Ltd. is located in Supanburi, Thailand. We provide the best quality Thai food
products that you can actually prepare at home. Our products include Thai Paste, Sauce and Preserved
Thai Agricultural Food which we export all over the world. We select only the best quality raw materials
from trusted farms in order to achieve the fresh and hygienic products of an international standard which
are internationally accepted.

1. Paste
Anyone can cook Thai Food with our products. You might be cooking wherever but you will be able to
achieve a meal full of all the rich complexities you expect in great Thai cuisine.

2. Sauce
You should eat what you like. Alter recipes make them more enjoyable for yourself, add more flavor
to your dish with our Thai Style Sauce.

3. Preserved
- Preserved products in water will keep their tastes as fresh as the day they was picked from the farm.
- Pickled products will intensify the taste.

We produce in various packages such as Can, Vacuum Seal, Food Jar, Food Tray and Foil Bag.

Our Research and Development are constantly trying to improve the taste and our quality of our

We also produce product which is not in our products list according to the customer's needs. Our R&D
will work together with you in order to satisfy your taste and requirements.